Water Operations Drill
By Captain Jeffery Daday Jr.
September 24, 2018

On Monday 9/24/18 the Croton Falls Fire Department's weekly drill focused on water operations to ensure proficiency for structure fire operations. Croton Falls firefighters and apparatus, along with some of our mutual aid departments, convened at Lake Hawthorne on Nash Road. Engine 147 drafted from a dry hydrant, which is a pipe into a water source that is not pressurized and enables suctioning of water into the engine. A tanker shuttle utilized Tanker 88, Golden's Bridge FD Tanker 1 and South Salem FD Tanker 2 to shuttle water to David Drive, where Engine 149 drafted water from two 3,000 gallon port-a-ponds and fed water to Ladder 67 which was using its master stream to finish the cycle and return the water to Lake Hawthorne.

This drill is common across Northern Westchester as most towns do not have a widespread, reliable system of fire hydrants so firefighters must rely on other means to bring water to the scene of a fire.