Fun Way to Drill on Communications
By Asst. Chief Jeffery Daday
February 10, 2020

On Monday, February 10, 2020 the Department's weekly drill took a novel approach to help firefighters work on their communications skills.

Firefighters were split into two crews, given identical sets of Lego pieces and placed in separate rooms along with a portable radio typically used for fireground communications. Two officers were in the role of Command, located in a third room and also equipped with a fireground radio. Using concise, descriptive directions, Command relayed instructions to the two crews to use the Lego pieces to build specific objects. Once Command finished the instructions the crews were brought together and the objects were compared. The results were a good exercise in communications skills as well as two sets of closely matched objects with some minor differences that drove home the point about providing clear direction and ensuring the direction was understood by the receiving crew.