Tanker 88 Responds to Multi-Alarm Fire in Port Chester
By Firefighter Jared Hirschberg
April 17, 2023

On Monday, April 17th at 11:58 hours, Croton Falls Fire Tanker 88 was dispatched to the Village of Port Chester on a multi-alarm structure fire. While enroute, WCDES Field Comm advised Car 2071 and Tanker 88 to respond to North Pearl Street to set up water supply operations with Mount Kisco E105. 2074 was water supply ops as 2076 and Tanker 88 shuttled water along with 9 Tankers from NY and CT. Tanker 88 was shuttling water from a hydrant manned by Bedford Fire E109 to the water operations site on North Pearl. After four hours of operating, all Croton Falls units cleared.

Units: 2071, 2074, 2076, Tanker 88