Multiple Fires in The 13th Battalion
By Firefighter Jared Hirschberg
May 14, 2023

At 9:26pm on May 12th, after Croton Falls Fire had cleared multiple commercial fire alarms in district, units were called mutual aid to Goldens Bridge for a working house fire. Cars 2072 and 2073 arrived quickly and assisted with size up and initial operations. Tanker 8 was on the road and simultaneously signed on responding as units were being dispatched on the working fire assignment, followed shortly after by Engine 148 and Tanker 88. Engine 148 secured a positive water source for tanker shuttles, while Tanker 8 established portable pond operations and Tanker 88 made multiple water shuttles from the water source to the scene. Car 2072 assumed water operations and 2073 provided fireground operations with GBFD 2142 and 2143. Due to the fire conditions after the first hose line was stretched, units were forced to operate from the exterior only. Units operated for 3 hours before returning in service.

On May 14th at 3:06am, Croton Falls Fire was dispatched automatic aid to South Salem for a reported structure fire. While responding, SSFD Car 2451 observed a glow in the distance and transmitted a working fire assignment. Upon arrival, Car 2072 was designated as water supply operations, while 2073 and Tanker 88’s crew assisted with fireground operations. Tanker 8 deployed its portable pond and fed water to the scene with Tanker 88. While units were operating at the initial house fire, embers caught the neighboring house across the street on fire, resulting in additional resources to the scene. Tanker 88’s crew, along with Car 2073, 2074, and 2076 were operating in the fire building. Members were operating a hose line on the fire floor and opening up ceilings and walls on the fire floor and floor below. After both structures were extinguished, Tanker 88’s crew and 2073 assisted with overhaul of the original fire building. Units cleared after over 4 hours of operating.

Thank you to Carmel Fire Department and Mahopac Fire Department for standing by while we operated at each fire.

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