March Review
By Firefighter Jared Hirschberg
April 1, 2024

Croton Falls Fire responded to 63 alarms during the month of March, including 3 structure fires, 2 mutual aid requests, 1 mutual aid relocate, 5 motor vehicle accidents, 1 MVA with extrication, 3 inside investigations. Members trained on gas meters, thermal imaging cameras, saws, fireground operations, equipment familiarization, operating procedures, probationary firefighter training, and PSS re-qualifications.

***Highlights of the Month***

March 2nd - Mutual Aid Relocate in Bedford Hills
March 6th - Mutual Aid to Southeast
March 9th - MVA on Hardscrabble Road
March 12th - MVA on Interstate 684
March 15th - MVA on Interstate 684
March 15th - MVA with Extrication on Interstate 684
March 25th - 5-Car MVA on Interstate 684
March 26th - Structure Fire on Bloomer Road
March 26th - Reported Explosion on Interstate 684
March 28th - Reported Structure Fire on Maple Avenue
March 31st - Child Birth on Interstate 684

We are always looking for new members and mutual aid members to join our department. Message us or visit our website for more on how to apply.

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Units: Cars 2071, 2072, 2073, E148, L67, T88, T8, MA17, R28, U28, U48
Mutual Aid: Bedford Hills FD, Brewster FD, NSVAC, NYSP, NSPD, WEMS, LPD